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Knob Hill Farms
CSA subscriptions

Knob Hill Farms is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) friendly farm.  We are located in Breckenridge county. 

What we do

At Knob Hill Farms we provide the following: CSA Produce subscriptions for a family of four and families of six to ten, educational events & tours, and we also encourage folks to come volunteer!

Our farm is in the first year of a three year process to become an organic certified farm. All produce availability is seasonal.

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Environmental Stewardship

Clean Water

Sustainable, manageable, water

Conserving Soil

crop rotation, good soil erosion practices.

Homesteading Concepts

Relying solely on the land

Environmentally Friendly

We use environmentally conscious alternatives like Neem Oil for crop care

Our Story

How we started

Knob Hill Farms started in 2004 when my wife and I were looking for a small parcel of land. At the time we had no idea what we wanted to do with it but we knew we wanted to give back to the land. We soon realized the best way we can give back to the land is with a shared experience. To provide that shared experience, we are encouraging others to get more involved in farming. Farming can be a viable way of life. 

Knobhillfarms produce
Our Farm

Have a look at our farm

We’ve grown a variety of produce including but not limited to: potatoes, tomatoes, pole beans, peppers, zucchini, squash, collard greens, kale. We’ve also completed projects like: Installing County Water, installing fencing, we’ve installed a grey water system, fire wood shed, and we’re 80% finished with our wooden barn.

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