Our Events & Educational opportunities

Over the years we’ve developed a number of skill sets that we believe will be beneficial for new & interested homesteaders.

Essential Educational Topics for New Homesteaders

Clean Water

Sustainable, manageable, water

Conserving Soil

crop rotation, good soil erosion practices.

Homesteading Concepts

Relying solely on the land

Environmentally Friendly

We use environmentally conscious alternatives like Neem Oil for crop care

horse, grazing, bridle


Farm Tours

Come see how we operate our farm, visit our facilities. Here’s what you can expect to see:

lettuce seedling, salad, seedling



Our gardening education consists of:

tools, tool belt, belt


Basic Building

Since we’ve built a lot of the things on our farm, we’d love to share our experience with:

sheep, animal, farm


sheep herding

We’ve been tending to sheep for over five years and can teach you about:

fish, underwater, marine


Pond Management

At Knob Hills we have pond full of Cat Fish, Blue Gill, and Large Mouth Bass

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